Fashion Hits the Field and Scores a Huge Win

Fashionistas and felines alike were all in awe when former linebacker from the Chicago Bears who spent his entire 13 year career playing for the team took center stage to walk the canine companion down the aisle in style. Dressed in his walk-the-dog normal street attire, Urlacher proves that everyday menswear and man’s best friend are always a winning combination. Nothing scores more with an audience than the kindness, support, and generosity of a Chicago favorite and a new, soon-to-be Chicago favorite event. Haute Dog Chicago 2nd annual runway show and its VIP moment perfectly blends with the Peninsula Chicago buzz on the street.

Amid the wagging tales and generous heartstrings of the audience, it was a party under the night of stars which included the outdoor dog run on the Peninsula terrace. 200 guests had the opportunity to meet the canine companion assistant dogs and intermingle with the VIP models who brought their own VIP puppies to model clothing for Canine Companions. This fundraiser raised over $50,000 which will go towards funding a Canine Companions graduate teen in the area.

Partygoers posed with their pooches for memorable moments that were created for the wonderful cause. It was paws and applause that set this night separate and on its heels of great fashion for both the model and their beloved canine. These dogs give their partners an assisted sense of security. The audience was given a first hand opportunity to see the dog bring great assistance to the need of their partner in a moving demonstration, center stage.

Pictured: Brain Urlacher, former linebacker of the Chicago Bears.

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