Eversight Illinois: Jean Antoniou, family and friends

Jean Antoniou with family and friends (Photos courtesy of Eversight Illinois.)

On July 26, Eversight Illinois celebrated its 70th anniversary at The Peninsula Chicago with the “Seeing Stars” gala. The event, co-chaired by Candace Jordan and Michael Caputo/MyEyeDr., raised more than $50,000 for Eversight Illinois’ programs and services.

The mission of Eversight Illinois is “to restore sight and prevent blindness through the healing power of donation, transplantation and research.” In 2016, the nonprofit aided more than 3,000 corneal transplants around the world. Learn more about how you can get involved with the organization.

Eversight Illinois: Co-Chairs Candace Jordan and Michael Caputo

Co-Chairs Candace Jordan and Michael Caputo

Eversight Illinois: Bethany Florek

Bethany Florek

Eversight Illinois: Susanna Homan, Tracey Tarantino, Nina Mariano, Liza Sweitzer

Susanna Homan, Tracey Tarantino, Nina Mariano and Liza Sweitzer

Eversight Illinois: Angelia Bates, Mrs and Dr Jon Rubenstein, Ken and Irma Bates

Angelia Bates, Mrs. and Dr. Jon Rubenstein, and Ken and Irma Bates